Sunday, March 8th

9AM - 5PM

Preconference Workshops

Preconference details are available on the registration site and on the Preconference Workshops page.


Newcomer Dinner

It is a Code4Lib tradition to welcome those who are new to the conference by organizing dinner groups on the night before the general conference begins. Sign-up is organized by the Social Activities Committee on the wiki, and we try to mix a few newcomers with a few veterans who can offer an informal introduction to the conference. Great for making new friends!

Note: Daylight Savings Time begins tonight! Don't forget to set your clocks ahead an hour tonight.

Monday, March 9th

9AM - 5:20PM

General Conference, Day One

Keynote #1 kicks off the conference. Talks will be selected by the community. Lunch will be provided.

6:30PM - 8:30PM


All attendees are invited to join us for the reception at the Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh - Oakland. See the Venues page for more details.

Tuesday, March 10th

9AM - 5:10PM

General Conference, Day Two

Talks selected by the community, as well as a poster session in the afternoon. Lunch will be provided.

Wednesday, March 11th

9AM - 12:30PM

General Conference, Day Three

Keynote #2 closes out the conference. Talks have been selected by the community.