Brace Yourselves, the Archives are Coming

The J. Paul Getty Trust has been publishing images over the IIIF protocol in its J.P. Getty Museum Collection website, as well as for selected projects of the Getty Research Institute for some time.

During the last year a thorough refactoring of the infrastructure supporting the production and delivery of IIIF media has been carried out. Aside from a performance speedup, the end users will barely notice a difference. Where is the value of a full year of refactoring efforts?

This presentation will describe the strategy behind the Getty’s expansion and structuring of its IT infrastructure to support upcoming digitization projects from major acquisitions, some of which consisting of millions of digital objects.

The challenges posed by the increasing scale and complexity of the Getty’s archives requires highly coordinated and self-sufficient systems, where manual labor is shifted from handling and fixing of one-off data points to optimization of systems and software that automates as many repetitive tasks as possible.

Software architecture, error handling, and system deployment will be covered.


11:35 AM
15 minutes