As cultural heritage work becomes increasingly defined by code–code as artifact to be preserved, code as infrastructure for preservation–we need new models for sustaining code that is 4 libraries. In this collaborative talk, representatives with diverse job descriptions from across the IMLS FCoP Software Preservation and Emulation cohort ( will discuss what “software preservation” meant to them at the start of their projects and how working in a cohort has challenged and inspired those meanings to evolve. Team members, from undergraduate student software developer to oral history archivist, project manager to museum software preservationist, will explore the role of communication and community in preserving software and code, how overlapping library code cohorts can support each other, and ways of integrating long-term thinking about software maintenance into existing cultural heritage ecosystems. They’ll explore lessons learned and future opportunities for cohorts as a model of maintaining library technology work.


11:20 AM
15 minutes