Pi-hole Privacy: Tampering is a Good Thing

As digital platforms become increasingly evasive at harvesting user data, libraries have a duty to assist patrons in defending their digital privacy. Members of the Library Freedom Institute will discuss how far industries have overreached in building their online empires of distraction and surveillance with emerging technologies such as facial recognition and machine learning algorithms. We will explore the barriers that exist around safeguarding digital privacy.

In addition, we will embark on a hands-on demonstration in which attendees will learn how to deploy their own DNS sinkhole that can protect their devices from unwanted content. It is recommended that attendees bring laptops as they will have hands-on experience installing a network-wide adblocker (Pi-hole) using command line scripts.

We are committed to making this a low-barrier session for those who are interested in educating themselves and their communities to make informed choices about privacy. The Library Freedom Institute is an IMLS grant-funded initiative and a community of librarians focused on privacy issues and privacy-centered education and practices.



Floor Plan

9:00am - 12:00pm
The Westin Pittsburgh - Somerset West